About Us

We've been doing bags since 1993.

There’s a lot to be said for longevity and we have seen many things in our time.

Our business has always lived by 3 simple philosophies :

  1. keep customers happy; our track record stands this test - our customers keep coming back.
  2. supply quality products at great value.  We’re usually not the cheapest, because we only sell good quality product.
  3. always treat your partners (both customers and suppliers) fairly, our Ethical Sourcing Policy has more details about how we operate.


Bag Specialists

Our name says it all - our staff really know about bags.  Bags are our passion... plain and simple.

There’s not much we don't know about about bags and if we don’t know the answer, chances are we’ll know someone who does.


Global Brand :: Local Support

We have wholly owned operations in AustraliaEngland and America so no matter where you are, you're dealing with someone local.

Our global reach gives you automatic access to the latest designs, innovations and fabric developments.

You can be assured that your bags are produced with the latest fabrics using the most efficient manufacturing methods available.

Our local support ensures that we know what is happening in ‘your’ market because what’s hot in England might be cold in America.


Our Customers

Governments everywhere are legislating against single-use plastic bags and we are supplying the alternatives.

Our customers range from the largest corporates to the smallest family businesses.  We also supply all levels of Government, Educational Institutions and Charities.


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